Inquirer Article Notification

Inquirer Article Notification

For all those who have sent their prayers and support for Amber and Dominick, I wanted to let you know about a powerful article that I thought you might find of interest, written by The Inquirer.

Renee and I feel so blessed to know this wonderful family. To have witnessed their faith in God and love for one another in the face of this horrible tragedy has been remarkable.
Thank you to all of our friends and family that responded in many ways with their love and kindness.
Mario and Renee



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  1. watia

    My hearts aches so bad for this family I met the kids a couple of times an fell In love with them they were so sweet I couldn’t even breath when I seen this in the news paper an still cry til this day I’m so hurt I feel like they were my kids I just can’t believe someone could hurt innocent children every time I see amber I instantly cry because she is such an angel and I’m so sorry she had to face that evil demon I’ll always keep this family in my prayers r.I.p baby boy an stay strong amber

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