Follow-Up: Sentencing and Article

It’s been an extremely challenging and traumatic few years for this close-knit family. With the recent sentencing, comes a bit of peace and closure; this however, will not turn back time and erase the horror they’ve experienced. Although small in stature, Dominick was mighty in courage. His sister Amber has shown immense strength, as she fought for survival and pushed onward with her own healing. These two amazing children have been an inspiration to many, and will surely continue for years to come.

Here is a Courier-Post article, with updates on the case:


Vigil for those going home in 2012

This weekend, there has been a vigil to honor those who lost their lives at the hands of another, in the city of Camden this year. At 7pm tonight, they will be commemorating Camden’s young hero, Dominick Andujar.


If you cannot attend the vigil, please take a moment to send love and prayers.


Inquirer Article – The Littlest Hero

  • 26 Nov 2012
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Littlest Hero

Camden family: Slain boy was a fighter.

Even in his most hyper moments, 6-year-old Dominick Andujar, who preferred break dancing and wrestling to homework, would stop whatever he was doing if he knew his mother was sick or needed help.

APRIL SAUL / Staff Photographer

APRIL SAUL / Staff Photographer
Peter Burgos comforts his niece Amber Andujar, 12, who was attacked by the same assailant who killed her brother, Dominick.

“He was my little man … my son, my everything,” Debbie Burgos, 34, of Camden, said.

Dominick promised Burgos in August he would protect her if anyone ever tried to hurt her. She never expected that a few days after Dominick made that vow, he would act the hero and die for it.

Just after midnight Sept. 2, a man broke into the Burgos family’s Ware Street house while her four children were home alone and attacked her 12- year- old daughter, Amber, who was sleeping on the living-room couch.

Dominick, awakened by his sister’s screams, tried to stop him. “My son was a fighter,” Burgos said during an interview last week, the family’s first since the attacks. “From what I saw on him, his marks, he had to be fighting.” Dominick died in the house after the intruder cut his throat and hands. He gave the man enough of a struggle that Amber was able to escape and ask neighbors for help.

Dominick’s death, along with the shocking beheading of a 2-year-old in August, helped bring national attention to what has become a record-setting year of homicides in Camden. Letters for the Andujars poured in from all over the country, expressing support and prayers. Family members have a hard time describing the chaos and trauma of that night, but they agree on one thing: Dominick gave his life for his three sisters.

“Who would’ve guessed that in a world where so often men act like little boys, here’s a little boy acting like a man,” said Msgr. Michael Mannion, who has known the Burgos family for many years. Those who knew Dominick and his family weren’t surprised the boy defended his sister against a knife-wielding man. “His family is what you wanted to see: a family who comes out in support of the children,” said Bryan Morton, founder of the North Camden Little League, where Dominick played for the Phillies T- ball team. “When you get that from your family, that’s what you give back in return.”

Dominick came into this world on March 18, 2006, at CooperUniversityHospital, holding his twin brother’s hand. Dave died at birth, though, and Dominick became the only brother of Tiarra, now 14; Amber, 12; and Amy, 9.

After Dominick’s parents split up when he was 2, he acquired a mature confidence, his mother said. By age 3, Dominick was picking out his own outfits, most often his favorite red shirt under a blue shirt and gray pants, his sisters said. And either his black Nike or gray Adidas sneakers, both of which were in need of a good scrubbing. Yet he wouldn’t allow his mother to clean them. “He wanted the most dirtiest sneakers,” his mother said. “Shoestrings off, beat-up.”

When he got home from ECOCharterSchool, Dominick often would decline homework help from his sisters and go to play with his best friend, Zaymier, who lived a few houses down. The boys would wrestle and play Xbox or Wii games. Growing up in a house full of women, Dominick, despite seeing himself as “the man of the house,” was bound to get suckered into girl play. His youngest sister, Amy, loved to dance the cha-cha, and Dominick would wear his mother’s high heels so he could be taller.

Last summer was Dominick’s first time in the T-ball league. Dominick and Amy, who was on one of the Little League teams, practiced twice a week (on different days), and play games on the weekends. “They were there endlessly as a family,” Morton said. “They pulled up in the minivan, and everyone jumped out.” The family did everything together, including staying up until midnight on each of their birthdays.

On Saturday, Sept. 1, Debbie Burgos and her four children stayed up late to sing “Happy Birthday” to Amber, who was turning 12 that Sunday. The children were excited to be going to ClementonPark later to celebrate. But Burgos, who has had kidney problems, felt sharp pain and decided to go to VirtuaHospital in Camden to get checked out. As she had done before, she left 14-year-old Tiarra in charge and told all four to go to bed. Amber, who said she regretted not telling her mother she wanted to accompany her, went downstairs to sleep on the couch to wait for her mother and chained the front door. Moments later, a man police identified as Osvaldo Rivera was inside the house assaulting Amber with a knife. “When I was getting attacked, I heard [Dominick] screaming and I looked and somehow I got away,” Amber said, holding back tears before sobbing on her mother’s shoulder. Amber escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house, where she was given a blanket to help stop the bleeding from her neck wound. The noise awoke Tiarra, who came downstairs and found Dominick on the floor, already dead. She ran out screaming and found Amber waiting for an ambulance. “I was telling her to stay strong, that she would get through it,” Tiarra said. As Debbie Burgos was leaving VirtuaHospital, she received a mysterious phone call with someone saying, “Your son’s neck just got sliced,” she said. In shock, she drove straight to CooperHospital, where she learned first of her son’s death and then of Amber’s critical condition.

Back on Ware Street, a manhunt had begun. “It was a tough night,” Camden Police Chief Scott Thompson said. “I knew there was a monster in my city.” About 15 hours after the attacks, Rivera, 31, was arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder, and sexual assault. Rivera told investigators that he had smoked “wet,” a combination of marijuana and PCP that has been known to lead to vivid hallucinations and bursts of violence.

Amber underwent two operations to repair her esophagus and trachea, which had been cut. She is now able to speak and eat. “She’s a soldier just like her brother,” her uncle Peter Burgos said. “Her brother fought for her, and she fought to make sure her brother didn’t die for nothing.” Amber is undergoing physical and psychological therapy and is being home-schooled. Her two sisters are back at school and are also meeting with counselors.

The Andujar and Burgos family is doing what it has always done: sticking together and supporting one another. Family members know it’s going to be a long road to recovery. “Behind my smile, behind my kindness, I’m like torn apart,” Debbie Burgos said. “I got to be strong for my daughters because they need me.”


Inquirer Article Notification

Inquirer Article Notification

For all those who have sent their prayers and support for Amber and Dominick, I wanted to let you know about a powerful article that I thought you might find of interest, written by The Inquirer.

Renee and I feel so blessed to know this wonderful family. To have witnessed their faith in God and love for one another in the face of this horrible tragedy has been remarkable.
Thank you to all of our friends and family that responded in many ways with their love and kindness.
Mario and Renee


Messages of Love

Messages of Love

September 20, 2012

              So sorry, little hero. I will never forget the example you gave us grown-ups.  
September 13, 2012

Rest in Peace baby boy!

~                    Christy N., Gloucester City, New Jersey

September 11, 2012
             May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief. 

~                    Jahmila Solomon, Camden, New Jersey
September 11, 2012
             May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
September 11, 2012

My deepest,heart-aching, condolences to the family of brave little Dominick.He is a TRUE HERO! Baby boy, you are an Angel, spread your wings and fly…I didn’t know you,but I will NEVER forget you… 

~                    Lucy Zearfoss, Washington Twp., New Jersey
September 09, 2012

You are a hero baby boy… You will never be forgotten.  

~                    Rosa, Camden, New Jersey
September 08, 2012
             I’m so sorry for your loss.Debbie Dominick is Camden’s HERO.May God be with you and with loved ones during this difficult time.                                      Damian

~                    Damian Rosario, pennsauken, New Jersey
September 08, 2012
             Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

~                    Archie and Velma Ruiz, Umatilla, Florida
September 08, 2012


~                    JANET C, CAMDEN, New Jersey
September 08, 2012
            WE ALL AT KIDS ALLEY WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH. Debra Whitehead
September 08, 2012
              Debbie my condolences go our to you and your family’s. There words couldn’t explain the lost of you hero , your prince and your shining armor. I will keep you and the family in our prayer. Janet from west         

~                    janet rivera, pennsauken
September 08, 2012

We may be miles away in Milwaukee, but our hearts are breaking along with your family. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Dominick is now in Paradise with our Heavenly Father and he will be watching over you always. God Bless, Manuel and Kathy Torres

September 08, 2012

             No bond is as great as that between a parent and child.  Our deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.
September 08, 2012
             Words cannot describe how this incident has affected everyone close to you and your family … My heart aches so much for your mommy and daddy and your sisters … You were such a brave child to do something most grown ups probably wouldnt think to do … You earned your crown little prince and our King welcomes you with open arms … God has his hand upon your family and He will make a way out of no way … Rest in paradise mighty warrior … you will never be forgotten ….              

~                    Ruthie and fam ., Camden, New Jersey
September 08, 2012
             I didn’t know you little angel, but was sincerely heartbroken and brought to tears when I heard that you at such a young age were so brave and had such love for your sister.  Your family was blessed to have such a wonderful little boy.  Rest in peace little guy.  My sincere condolences to the family.              

~                    From someone who heard your story on the news and was brought to tears!, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
              I am so sorry for your loss you don’t know me but I just want you to know there are people who care out there even if you don’t know them  my family and I will pray for you and yours r.i.p.little man Jill Blackwood ,NJ            

~                    Jill Adams, Blackwood, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
             As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life’s routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.              

~                    Shawnie Purnell, Camden, New Jersey
September 07, 2012


~                    JIMENEZ FAM
September 07, 2012
             there are no words,,,our prayers will continue to go out to all your family,,,
September 07, 2012
             R.I.P. Dominick!  You are now with the angels in heaven.
~                    Camden, NJ
September 07, 2012

To Debbie Burgos,Janet Colon and family, please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family.There are no words that will ease the pain and heartache that was placed on your shoulders..sending many prayers to you and yours…

~          Tracy Wyatt, New Jersey

September 07, 2012

             Our deepest sympathy to the family and close friends.  On behalf of Samuel Ruiz and family.            

~                    Maria Ruiz, Camden, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
             My love, u will always be with us! I know that u will continue to watch over ur mommy n sisters. They might have taken u away but there’s one thing they will never be able to take and that is the love that we have for u and memories baby boy. Love always, Titi Kim  

~                    Kim Burgos, Lindenwold, New Jersey
September 07, 2012

    My condolences to the Burgos, Andujar family may the peace of God reign in your souls!

September 07, 2012

            when are babies are born we offen wonder what they will grow up to be, fireman, policeman, doctor, nurses or even a baseball player! but GOD said no Dominick I need you here to teach me to play leave all, so  Dominick teach god to throw a fast or curve ball we will be rootin for you…. now that you’re with god you hit a home run. And family  this is not the end where you find God you’ll find Dominick. GOD Bless you and may the love of God bring you peace. Gonzales & Harvey

September 07, 2012


~                    MILAGROS MERCADO, CAMDEN, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
September 07, 2012
             we love u n u will be missed love titi milagro n cousin millie
September 07, 2012

Such a beautiful little boy. Such a great loss for this world, I can only imagine what your family is going thru. My heart goes out to you today and hope that you can be full of the love you shared. I pray that God gives you the strengh to go on and i know your little boy is with him right now watching over all of you. Bless your whole family. Cherish his memory you had and let it live on in your hearts.   

~                    Marie C, Camden, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
             If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.     

                    CAMDEN, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
             So so sorry for your loss..No more suffering for Lil Dominick..he’s flying with the Angels now..Praying for you and your family..God Bless!    

~                    Bridget Bayliss, Clementon, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
            Dominick Are Hearts Are Broken.We Miss You So Much. Zameer Loves You And Truly Misses His Best Friend. Grandma Barb And Zameer & Laurelle & Lasharae We Love You !! God Bless The Family. We Are Truly Praying That Your Hearts Be Healed.
September 07, 2012
    Truly an Angel now, Heaven has another glowing smile.  You are your sister’s HERO, and mine also!!   May your heavenly wings allow you to continue to protect your sister, your family and our city.  THANK YOU, HERO!!!              

~                    T.S.W., CAMDEN, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
              Strong, Courageous and Loving…These are the words that come to mind when I think about Gods newest Angel Dominick.  Rest in Peace and God Bless The Family…              

~                    Denise B, Camden, New Jersey
September 07, 2012
            Condolences to the family I can only imagine the devastation. May God be with this family through there time of sorrow. Rest in peace little one.

September 07, 2012
              Dominick and his sisters inspire me with their courage and strength, and my heart goes out to everyone in this loving family during this immensely difficult time. Words simply cannot express my sadness.
~                   ~maria, The Bridge
September 06, 2012
             I love you!  You are my hero!  I know you are now an angel in heaven protecting your family!   It was a pleasure being with you in preschool.  You always smiled and so lovable!!!  When I heard your sister was attacked I knew you tried to save her!  All the kids and teachers loved you!!  I will be praying for your family!  Love, Ms. Carol your preschool teacher at Respond!  

~                    Carol Castellano, New Jersey
September 06, 2012
             There are no words that will ease the heartache, but just know that continued prayers will be sent your way. This is heart breaking for everyone. I know Dominick is up in heavenly paradise looking down on everyone. You have your wings baby you will be truly missed lil one.           

~                    Carmita Coleman, Camden, New Jersey
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Taken Too Soon

Taken Too Soon

At just six years old, Dominick was a true hero, bravely standing up to his attacker, and sacrificing his own life to save his big sister, Amber.

Amber, who had been looking forward to celebrating her 12th birthday that day, showed immense courage that night, in fighting off her attacker and then going door-to-door to get help. She is still in the hospital and, after several surgeries, is on her way to recovery. She, along with her two sisters, have been so strong throughout this horrible tragedy.

News articles can be found here: Dominick Andujar

Dominick, you will forever be missed by those who knew you and loved you. Rest in paradise.

Dominick Andujar Obituary

Dominick D. Andujar
AGE: 6 • Camden

Departed this life on 9/2/12. He leaves to cherish his life his mother Debbie Burgos; father David Andujar; sisters Tiarra, Amy, Solnydia-Amber; brother David Figueroa; grandmothers Rosario Burgos & Miriam Rosa; grandfather Pedro Burgos; step grandfather David Acevedo; 3 aunts Kimberly Burgos; Solnydia Yambo & Janet Colon; 1 uncle Peter Burgos and a host of family & friends. Viewing Fri 6pm-9pm at St. Cecilia Catholic Ch, 4824 Camden Ave, Pennsauken, NJ. Service is Sat 9:30AM and Int to follow at Calvary Cemetery. In Lieu of flowers please send donations to The Dominick Andurjar Fund at PNC Bank, 2895 Mt. Ephraim Ave, Camden, NJ 08104. Ministry of Comfort Entrusted to May Funeral Home.

Obituary Published in Courier-Post on September 7, 2012

Thank You for the outpouring of support

Thank You So Very Much!

The outpouring of support from the local Camden Community and beyond has been immense and is so very much appreciated.

Dominick Andujar – Son, Brother, Hero

A Poem From a Friend

flowers for the dearly departed

from friends and family, all broken hearted

so young and full of life

struck down, spreading strife

noone could have predicted what took place

he is with the Lord now, in a safer place

she struggles but keeps up the fight

refusing to let extinguished be her light

the brothers memory lives on

the sister keeps going strong

tears have been and will be shed

prayers will be lifted for the beloved dead

hands will be held and emotions will be shared

by each and every person that cared

why must such violence spread amuck

why did the end have to be reached on his luck

all the hatred and negativity on this our earth

its rdiculous, when we all come from the same hearth

brothers and sisters one and all

the love should be shared

before everyone falls.

my condolences to tia and peter

have faith in Him, our Creator.

 Walter Genery

Dominick Andujar Memorial Fund

The family has asked that, in lieu of flowers,
donations in memory of Dominick Andujar may be made to:

Dominick Andujar Fund
c/o PNC Bank
Fairview Branch
2895 Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Camden, NJ 08104

Please keep the family in your prayers.